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SolarEdge Synergy 3ph 50kW Manager Unit with 30A fuse, Manager, Bases & DC Switch

SolarEdge Synergy 3ph 50kW Manager Unit with 30A fuse, Manager, Bases & DC Switch

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This Synergy kit comes with a separate 30A fuse kit. It needs to be manually installed into the Manager Unit so that the S1200 optimisers can be used with this.

The new generation of Synergy Technology 3ph makes commercial scale installations easier than ever before. Smaller in footprint, lighter in weight and with added safety features, it is now possible for two people to complete installs. SolarEdge have actively engaged with installers in order to find out what needs improving and thus focused on the points that actually matter. 

Benefits of a Synergy system:

  • Pre-commissioning feature allowing sites without AC connection to be set up ahead of time so they only need to have their power turned on to work - ideal for new build systems to avoid return site visits.
  • 2 Person installation - the base units are 32kg and can be installed one at a time for maximum ease.
  • Potential Induced Degradation (PID) rectifier built in to increase panel lifetime.
  • Thermal sensors on DC and AC terminals to detect arcing failure for added safety.

Differences from old Synergy systems:

  • Larger capacity range inverter in a smaller, lighter footprint.
  • 50% oversizing giving extra flexibility (old version had 35%)
  • Pre-comissioning feature for new build sites
  • PID Mitigation to avoid panel degradation and increase system lifetime

AC attributes

Max power: 50000W
Max current (per phase): 72.5A
Number of phases: 3

DC attributes

Number of MPPT: Not applicable
V range of MPPT: Not applicable
Max power: 75000W
Max current: 2x36.25A
Max voltage: 1000V
Start up voltage: Not applicable


Efficiency: 98%
IP rating: IP65
Built in protection: Arc fault, DC surge type II
Export limitations: Possible using meter
Weight: 32kg
Dimensions: See manager and base unit listings
Communication: Ethernet, RS485, (Wifi, cellular optional)
Warranty (extensions): 12 years (20 extension available)

Key features

Low noise - no external fan
Oversizing up to 150% possible
Indoor or outdoor instillation
Built-in module level monitoring
Superior efficiency
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