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Huawei SUN2000 60KTL Three Phase Inverter M0

Huawei SUN2000 60KTL Three Phase Inverter M0

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The SUN2000 60 kW 3 phase string inverter by Huawei is a high efficiency, high reliability option in the three phase string inverter market. It has a peak efficiency of 98.9% and a EU efficiency of 98.7%, meaning it maintains a high efficiency over its entire loading range. The 60KTL also has built in type II surge arresters for DC and AC, as well as a safe fuse free design that reduces maintenance requirements. Lastly, the 60KTL has 6 built in MPPT trackers to allow greater flexibility in string layout and ensures more can be got out of any array. 

AC attributes

Max power: 60000W
Max current: 100A
Number of phases: 3

DC attributes

Number of MPPT: 6
V range of MPPT: 200 - 1000V
Max input current: 22A
Max voltage: 1080V
Start up voltage;: 200V


Max efficiency: 98.7%
IP rating: IP65
Built in protection: Type II AC/DC surge arresters, reverse polarity
Export limitations: With smartlogger
Weight: 74kg
Dimensions: 1075x555x300mm
Communication: RS485, MBUS, USB 
Warranty (extensions): 5 years

Key features

12 strings intelligent monitoring
Max efficiency of 98.7%
Indoor or outdoor installation
Reliable - Type II surge arresters for AC and DC
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