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Growatt MOD 13000 TL3-X Three Phase Inverter

Growatt MOD 13000 TL3-X Three Phase Inverter

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The TL3-X series from Growatt are compact and light three phase inverters. With two MPPTs, the MOD 3-15K TL3-X series can be connected to two strings, and are therefore suitable for connecting two different panel arrays.

The Growatt TL3-X range offer a suitable solution for larger 3-phase residential systems, as well as smaller commercial systems. The compact design enables ease of transportation and installation, whilst the IP66 rating enables flexibility in location.

The ultra-low start-up and wide working voltages enable wider power generation windows.

AC attributes

Max power: 13000W
Max current: 21.7A
Number of phases: 3

DC attributes

Number of MPPT: 2
V range of MPPT: 140 - 1000V
Max power: 19500W
Max Isc current: 16A
Max voltage: 1000V
Start up voltage: 160V


Max efficiency: 98.6%
IP rating: IP66
Weight: 16kg
Dimensions: 425x387x178mm
Communication: USB/RS485 (Optional- WiFi/GPRS/LAN/RF)

Key features

  • Dual independent MPPTs
  • Built-in DC switch
  • High maximum efficiency 98.6%
  • Touch key and OLED display
  • Optional AFCI (Arc-Fault Circuit Interrupter function)
  • IP66 protection grade
  • Easy installation
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