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Growatt MID 25 KTL3-X Three Phase Inverter with dual MPPT

Growatt MID 25 KTL3-X Three Phase Inverter with dual MPPT

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The new Growatt X range of 3-phase inverters is 40% lighter and more compact then the previous model, which combined with a new, sleeker design makes the KTL3-X range a good choice for 3-phase projects.

The new OLED screen makes settings changes on the unit itself easier then ever.

Note: These products are not compatible with the standard Shinelink or Shinevision monitoring options and require the Shinelink-X for monitoring.

Now comes with a 10 year warranty as standard.

AC attributes

Max power: 25000W
Max current: 40.2A
Number of phases: 3

DC attributes

Number of MPPT: 2
Strings per MPPT: 2/3
V range of MPPT: 200 - 1000V
Max power: 32500W
Max Isc current: 32A
Max voltage: 1000V
Start up voltage: 250V


Max efficiency: 98.7%
IP rating: IP65
Built in protection: AC/DC Type II SPD
Export limitations: With meter
Weight: 23kg
Dimensions: 525x395x222mm
Communication: USB, RS485 (wifi, GPRS, 4G, optional)
Warranty (extensions): 10 years

Key features

  • Compact design
  • Easy-to-use OLED display
  • Flexible communication options
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