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Growatt 100 KTL3 Three Phase Inverter - 10 MPPT

Growatt 100 KTL3 Three Phase Inverter - 10 MPPT

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The latest and most powerful Growatt inverters yet. The MAX TL3 inverters are ideal for medium-large scale commercial roofs and groundmount projects. With 10 MPPTs as standard, the 100 KTL3 inverter offers unparalleled design flexibility when it comes to string configurations. Lightning and fire protection are also included as standard, along with IV diagnosis on individual strings to detective any issues.

: This inverter requires Shinelink-X or ShineWIFI-X for monitoring.

AC attributes

Max power: 100kW
Max current: 167.1A
Number of phases: 3

DC attributes

Number of MPPT: 10
Strings per MPPT: 2
V range of MPPT: 180 - 1000V
Max Isc current: 40A per MPPT
Max voltage: 1000V
Start up voltage: 195V


Max efficiency: 98.8%
IP rating: IP66
Weight: 84kg
Dimensions: 970*640*345mm
Warranty (extensions): 5 years (10 years)

Key features

  • 10 MPPTs fuse free design
  • Maximum efficiency of 98.8%
  • Smart I/V scan and diagnosis.
  • AC & DC type II SPD
  • IP66 protection
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