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EcoFlow Blade Lawn Sweeping Kit

EcoFlow Blade Lawn Sweeping Kit

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The EcoFlow Blade Lawn Sweeping Kit is the perfect accessory to complement your EcoFlow Blade Robotic Lawn Mower, providing a comprehensive solution for maintaining a pristine lawn. Designed for effortless debris management, this kit efficiently collects grass clippings, leaves, and other debris, ensuring a tidy and well-groomed lawn with minimal effort. 


  1. Enhanced Debris Collection:

    Equipped with a high-performance sweeping mechanism that efficiently gathers grass clippings, leaves, and debris into a collection bin for easy disposal.

  2. Seamless Integration:

    Designed to seamlessly integrate with the EcoFlow Blade Robotic Lawn Mower, providing a cohesive and efficient lawn maintenance solution.

  3. Adjustable Height:

    Adjustable sweeping height allows for customization to match the mowing height of your lawn, ensuring thorough debris removal without damaging the grass.

  4. Versatile Application:

    Suitable for use on various lawn surfaces, including grass, turf, and synthetic lawns, making it a versatile solution for different landscaping needs.

  5. Easy Installation:

    Simple and straightforward installation process requires no specialized tools, allowing you to quickly set up the sweeping kit and start cleaning your lawn.

  6. Efficient Debris Management:

    Helps maintain a neat and well-groomed lawn appearance by effectively removing unsightly debris and clippings, enhancing overall curb appeal.

  7. Large Capacity Collection Bin:

    The spacious collection bin accommodates a significant amount of debris, reducing the frequency of emptying and optimizing productivity.

  8. Low Maintenance:

    Requires minimal maintenance, with durable components designed for long-lasting performance and reliability.

  9. Quiet Operation:

    Operates quietly, allowing you to enjoy a peaceful outdoor environment while the sweeping kit efficiently cleans your lawn.

  10. Time-Saving Solution:

    Saves you time and effort on manual lawn sweeping, allowing you to focus on other tasks or leisure activities while your lawn is being cleaned automatically.


Dimensions: 622 mm × 457 mm × 388 mm

Net Weight: 10.1 lbs / 4.6 kg

Container Capacity: 0.03 m³

Input: 24V, 180W max

Sweeper Width: 346 mm

Sweeping Brush Type: TPEE

Operating Temperature: 14°F-113°F (–10℃~45℃)

Storage Temperature: –4°F-140°F (–20℃~60℃)
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