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Charge Amps

Charge Amps Dawn 22 kW 3P 32A Type2 4G - OCPP

Charge Amps Dawn 22 kW 3P 32A Type2 4G - OCPP

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Some EV chargers just have it all

Charge Amps Dawn is a user-friendly, intelligent, and powerful charging station built for the future – fully in line with our mission to pair technology and user friendliness to challenge the status quo and break new ground.

The EV charger, beautifully designed by former Koenigsegg lead designer Joachim Nordwall, is easy to install, easy to use, and connected to Charge Amps Cloud and Charge Amps App. This enables the owner to take full control over the charging and benefit from all our intelligent solutions. Charge Amps Dawn also has a powerful Linux-processor, able to handle a lot of data.

In addition to that, Charge Amps Dawn is the perfect choice for semi-public areas (e.g., housing cooperatives and office parking) where several EV chargers are usually installed. There, Charge Amps Dawn has a great benefit: the possibility to daisy chain the power cable. This means that the installer can simply and easily connect the car chargers in series, saving both time and money.

Charge Amps Dawn has been equipped with a certified MID meter

The MID meter measures and displays the actual charging consumption. This offers one hundred percent transparency to the end user and the possibility to see exactly how many kW have been used to charge the EV.
The MID meter is also a requirement in many countries, which means that Charge Amps Dawn meets European standards and is ready for the European markets.

Charge Amps Dawn – the installers best friend

As we aim to be the installers best friend, we’ve developed Charge Amps Dawn with a back plate where the installation and configuration is done. Thanks to the back plate, cable routing and cable connection is considerably simplified.

In addition to this, we have the Charge Amps Installer App that smoothly guides the installer through the whole installation procedure, step by step.

Charge Amps Dawn also has an embedded RCD type B built into the charger. This will protect the electric car from ground fault and secures that the car won’t get damaged.

Specifications for CA-130297

Package dimensions

Depth (package,cm): 25 cm

Gross Weight (Package, kg): 4.34 kg

Height (package,cm) :14.5 cm

Width (package,cm): 38 cm

Product dimensions

Net Weight (Product, kg): 3.5 kg

Product Depth: 33 cm

Product Height: 17 cm

Product Width: 49 cm

Vendor information

Brand Name: Charge Amps

Warranty: 3 Year(s)

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