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Charge Amps

Charge Amps Column - Pole for Charge Amps Halo & Dawn

Charge Amps Column - Pole for Charge Amps Halo & Dawn

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Streamlined installation and unparalleled flexibility

Inside the Charge Amps Column, a spacious interior awaits. This interior space offers a wide surface area for cabling and housing essential components such as terminal blocks. The ample room within the column ensures that all necessary cabling and connections are neatly organized, making the installation process efficient and tidy.

One of the standout features of the Charge Amps Column is its flexibility in installation. You have the freedom to prepare the installation at any location, allowing for greater adaptability to site-specific requirements. The true brilliance lies in the ability to connect electricity on-site as the final step, eliminating the need for complex pre-installation arrangements.

The Charge Amps Column is equipped with a DIN-rail system which could fit up to 35 spots depending on installation. This is a feature that sets it apart from conventional charging infrastructure solutions. The DIN-rail enables effortless electrical couplings and daisy chaining of multiple charging stations. This streamlined approach simplifies the installation process and reduces the complexity of wiring.

Specifications for CA-131193

Package dimensions

Depth (package,cm): 29 cm

Gross Weight (Package, kg): 10 kg

Height (package,cm): 152 cm

Width (package,cm): 29 cm

Product dimensions

Net Weight (Product, kg): 9.02 kg

Product Depth: 28 cm

Product Height: 150 cm

Product Width: 28 cm

Vendor information

Brand Name: Charge Amps

Warranty: 3 Year(s)

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