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Charge Amps

Charge Amps Amp Guard 63 Amp

Charge Amps Amp Guard 63 Amp

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Charge Amps Amp Guard is the perfect addition to our EV chargers. It is mounted in the electrical cabinet, easily connected to the EV charger via Charge Amps Cloud and together they enable load balancing – meaning that the household’s or property’s electrical consumption is dynamically adjusted so several power consuming appliances can be running at the same time without any fuses blowing. Connected via Wifi or LAN. Handles up to 63 A, 1- to 3-phase. Compatible for charging from solar panels via the function Green Charging.

This is how Charge Amps Amp Guard works.

In most cases, the electricity consumption is at its highest during the day or the evening. Charging an EV requires a lot of power during a long period of time – and when the charging is combined with e.g., food cooking on the stove, clothes being washed in the washing machine and the ventilation working at full capacity, there is a risk that the electrical system will be overloaded, and fuses will blow.

Charge Amps Amp Guard, together with Charge Amps Cloud, enables dynamic load balancing, which measures and controls the total loading in the household. In first place, all available electricity is allocated to the household appliances and thereafter the remaining electricity goes to the EV, which ensures that electrical system is not getting overloaded. And then, when the household uses less energy, all available electricity will go to the EV. This means that the car will be charged faster than without a load balancer.

Charge Amps Amp Guard makes EV charging much smoother, smarter and better – without the user having to think about, or do, anything.

Specifications for CA-130651

Legal Information

UNSPSC Code: 25175002

Package dimensions

Depth (package,cm): 7.3 cm

Gross Weight (Package, kg): 0.48 kg

Height (package,cm): 1.75 cm

Width (package,cm): 10 cm

Product dimensions

Net Weight (Product, kg): 0.3 kg

Product Depth:18.5 cm

Product Height: 4.5 cm

Product Width: 29.5 cm

Vendor information

Brand Name: Charge Amps

Warranty: 3 Year(s)

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