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Renogy 48V 50Ah Smart Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery

Renogy 48V 50Ah Smart Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery

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Renogy 48V 50Ah Smart Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery
Stay Ahead with the Most Cost-Effective 48V Heating Batteries from Renogy
Unparalleled Quality, Inside Out.
Made to deliver reliable power for years to come so you can live off the grid confidently & satisfactorily.
Extra Warmth Makes a Difference
Built in with heating pads to ensure safe charging in cold climates without sacrificing long-term performance.
Consistent Charging Across Cells
Maintain a similar state of charge of internal battery cells to maximize your battery’s overall charging efficiency, usable capacity, and service life.
Power You Can Be Sure of
Passing the free drop, Electro Magnetic Compatibility, forced overcharge/discharge, crash, and more tests with flying colors. It's everything a quality battery should be.
Monitor Power in Your Way
Keeping your 48V 50Ah LiFePO4 Battery on track is easy. You can either connect a BT-2 Bluetooth Module to the RS485 port for on-the-go monitoring or opt for a battery monitoring screen to check data at a glance.
Power Your Tool Sheds
Plug your sheds into solar for an independent power supply and unleash your creativity & productivity along with power tools.
Power Your Remote Cabins
Tired of the whining of a gas generator? Make your cabin a self-sufficient living space with an expandable power supply to run multiple home appliances effortlessly for seasonal vacations or a weekend getaway.
48V 50AH Smart Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery


Cell Type: LiFePO4 Rated Capacity (0.2C):50Ah
Cycle Life (0.2C, 25℃):4500 Cycles (80% DOD) Nominal Voltage: 48V
Connection Method:Parallel Voltage Range: 42V~55.5V
Communication Port: RJ45 (RS485 Protocol, CAN protocol) Maximum Charge/Discharge Current50A
Dimension: 22.7 x 8.46 x 7.87 inch / 576 x 215 x 200 mm Charge Voltage:54V
Weight:60.8 lb. / 27.6 kg Charge Temperature Range:32℉~131℉ / 0℃~55℃
Discharge Temperature Range:-4℉~140℉ / -20℃~60℃ Storage Temperature Range:-13℉~149℉ / -25℃~65℃


Accessories 5-year prorated warranty
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