Collection: Bluetti Portable Power Stations

BLUETTI Portable Power Station is a reliable battery-powered storage system coming in different sizes and power capacities to meet your needs. With multiple outlets like AC, DC, carport and USB, you can charge all your devices like phones, laptops, refrigerator, CPAP, heater and more.


BLUETTI portable power stations are typically lighter than traditional generators. Some of them also have handles or wheels so that you can take them anywhere you like. Ideal for outdoor camping, hiking, and emergencies.


BLUETTI gives you options to boost battery capacity and wattage to the next level. A reliable portable power supply to run your cellphone, laptop, fridge, coffee maker, heavy-duty appliances, even your entire house.

LiFePO₄ Battery

LiFePO₄ chemistry integrated in BLUETTI battery-powered stations possesses a longer lifespan, higher discharge efficiency, and adaptivity to wider range of temperatures than traditional conterparts. It can also provide 100% of its rated capacity while maintaining optimum performance.